Time to exchange the cosy winter elements in your interior for fresh summer shades

Time to exchange the cosy winter elements in your interior for fresh summer shades

mei 13, 2020 Uit Door admin

Summer’s coming! Time to exchange the cosy winter elements in your interior for fresh summer shades. How to transform your winter wonderland into a summer paradise with a few simple steps, you can read in this article!
1.Large/springtime cleaning

An annually recurring phenomenon in which a large part of the household in the Netherlands has a lot to do. This cleaning contributes to the wonderful summer feeling. Take all your furniture off the side and clean the places you’d rather skip during a normal cleaning. Don’t be too economical with fresh-smelling cleaning products to get the summer smells in the house.
2.Paint with verve

A warm burgundy wall does very well in the autumn, but in the summer this is really a no-go. Try to trade in a large part of your dark and warm colours for fine summer scents. The days are getting longer so you can enjoy the natural daylight even more. Let this daylight shine on light shades of pink, yellow or green to get a wonderful summer feeling.
3.Welcoming daylight

That daylight won’t come by itself! To welcome daylight, you can buy a pair of curtains. Imagine a Spanish holiday home with waving light-coloured ready-made curtains or a beautiful custom-made jealousy. Lovely summer feeling right?! Window decoration is one of the main atmospheric features of your home. A new lining for your windows gives your home and interior a whole new look. Highly recommended!

Clich├ę but certainly true. Flowers really contribute to the pleasant summer feeling. Not only the beautiful and fresh colors, but also the delicious fragrances, contribute to the atmosphere. With a subscription to Bloomon you get periodically a fresh bunch of flowers in the house. This way you will always keep beautiful flowers and your home will get a nice scenting impulse over and over again.


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