Renewed training for scaffold construction to reduce staff shortages

mei 12, 2020 Uit Door admin

Stellingbouw, like 43 other construction professions, is a bottleneck profession. The training fund Constructiv, the City of Ghent, a number of construction companies and the VDAB are trying to counteract this shortage with renewed training.

“Although the ‘scaffold builder’ profession stellingbouw has existed for a long time, it is little known. Everyone knows what a bricklayer or a welder does, but few know that there is a profession that only focuses on scaffolding”, says Geert Gille, regional manager at Constructiv. The training fund recently adapted the scaffolding training, hoping to find more students who could fill the many vacancies.

“It’s not a classic training anymore. We have introduced a job day and trial days so that anyone interested in the training can first get to know the scaffolding. Anyone who has too much fear of the positions knows immediately that it is not a good choice to start”. On the application day, jobseekers can get to know large construction companies. This is followed by the actual training of six weeks. “We have opted for a short training, to avoid drop-outs. The profiles who apply often want to get to work quickly”.
Win, win eiken bijgebouw

Six students will complete the training until the end, and will graduate at the end of March. Dovaro (22) from Clingen and Frederik (45) from Ghent were there from the beginning. “My dad works for a scaffolding company, I hope we’re in the same team when I start”, says Dovaro. Just like Frederik, he started training, with a view to building up a pension. “I’ve been doing fairs for seven years,” says Frederik. “It was time to think about later.”

The City of Ghent is an important and especially proud partner of the project. “Training is the new recruitment,” says Bram Van Braeckevelt, alderman for Work. “Constructiv and the participating companies have understood this well. From the Labour Pact for Ghent I put my shoulders to this. This training is good for our jobseekers and good for our construction sector. Win-win, then.”